Zero 2 Go Car Bean USB 汽車充電及藍芽耳機 海外公司貨
  • Zero 2 Go Car Bean USB 汽車充電及藍芽耳機 海外公司貨

Zero 2 Go Car Bean USB 汽車充電及藍芽耳機 海外公司貨


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Carbean is a device which use in a car or even driving in a car. Based on this reason, we found that ``simple is perfect”. We hope Carbean can let the drivers easy to control and being safe when they are driving. It’s also the main idea for Carbean.


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Simply Life

Carbean has a multifunctional button. Only one button can turn the headset on and off. Even answer and reject the calls as well. Drivers can easy to control when they are driving.

Thinking: When you are driving the car, the phone rings. But the headset has too many button, you don’t know which is the correct button to answer the phone. At that moment, it may distract you. Well! Carbean just has one multifunctional button. It’s really solve this problem.


  • Bluethooth4.0
  • Convenience and safe
  • USB Charger
  • Voice guidance
  • Multipoint Connection (support two phones)


Compact Design

The headset and the main body connected by magnet automatically. It can make sure the headset is keeping charged and it’s not easy to rid of the body with the headset. This product is made smaller than a coin, after you wearing the headset you can feel the headset deft just like feather.

As a driver, safety is the most important topic we need to pay attention on. That’s why we should make it simple for everything used by drivers. We can assume some situation you might meet before. Based on these awful situations, you must find what you need when you drive.

The most common situation is the phone ring when the driver drives. Firstly, Carbean must put in the car charger. Drivers can easy to find the headset and not easy to lose it. At the same time, it avoids too many buttons. Our multifunctional button can make sure you can find the correct button to press. Otherwise, it may distract you and cause an accident.

Same as the safety reason, if we want drivers have a safe drive, we need to avoid some dangerous elements. Carbean designed with two major functions, which areUSB charger and Bluetooth headset. USB charger can make less the wire in the car. As for the headset, it included different sizes (S, M, L) for user. It must fit your ear and feel comfortable.


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